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Interest Group Steel Balls Co Ltd

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" Interest Group Steel Balls Co Ltd " is a leading supplier of steel balls ,located in the Taian City of Shandong China. We supply a wide range of industries such as aerospace, medical, food processing, green energy, robotics, high tech, industrial products and so on.We export steel balls to Europe, America,East Asia,South Asia,Southeast Asia, and the Middle East ,etc.

We provide "steel balls" & "On Site Support For Customers".

Interest Group Steel Balls Co Ltd
Add: No76, Great Wall Road,Taian,Shandong,CHINA
Tel: +86-15376202727

Provide Steel Balls with following:
Excellent quality and reasonable price,
One-Stop Shopping,steel ball of Carbon/Chrome(Bearing)/Stainless.
Custom cost low, including Custom Packaging
Delivery to customers internationally''just-in-time''.
Developing new material products according customers requirement.

Contact Us
Company: Interest Group Steel Balls Co Ltd
Contact: Mr. Frank Frank
Address: No76, Great Wall Road,Taian,Shandong,CHINA
Postcode: 271000
Tel: 8615376202727
Fax: 8615376202727
Homepage: www.igsteelball.com

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